Larkwire is a complete, game-based learning system for mastering bird sounds—designed for both beginners and advanced birders.

  • Highly efficient, structured practice based on proven cognitive techniques;
  • Identification tips from Michael O'Brien—one of the top "ear birders" in North America;
  • Completely customizable—learn the bird sounds you want to learn.
  • Unprecedented coverage of birdsong variations encountered in the field.

Larkwire can be purchased through iTunes or as a web-based "app" that works on any computer (including many phones and tablets).

Find more birds—and know them better. Birding by ear helps you find more birds—lots more. But it also helps you enter their world in a new way. Birds are constantly using sounds to communicate and express themselves. Larkwire helps you listen in.

Birding will never be the same.

Larkwire is already helping immensely with my ability to bird in the field. And my 7-year-old daughter is asking for "that bird song game on the computer."—I guess you have THREE of us hooked!

—Courtenay Schurman
    Mountaineering Trainer

New Release: Playlists
Here at Larkwire Central we get a lot of requests from users for new features and more sounds ("chip notes, pretty please!"), but by far the single most requested feature is easier customization. You love having 479 species (and over 700 different songs and calls!) at your fingertips but want to focus on just a subset for now. ... Read more
The 7 + 3 Pleasures of Birding
Finally got to see the Central Park Effect birding documentary. It was great to hear about Starr Saphir and the Central Park migrant trap in NYC! One of the things from the movie that stuck with me the most was Chris Cooper's list of the seven pleasures of birding ... Read more